I am a temporary researcher in the GeomeriX team at Inria. I received my doctoral degree from Zhejiang University in 2020, supervised by Prof. Jin Huang. My research interest lies in both physically based simulation and geometry processing, especially on multiscale analysis, efficient algorithms for PDE solving and their vast applications.


  • [2024-03] Got two papers conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH’24. Papers are coming soon!


    A Survey on Cage-based Deformation of 3D Models
    Ströter, Thiery, Hormann, Chen, Chang, Besler, Mueller-Roemer,
    Boubekeur, Stork, Fellner
    Eurographics 2024 STAR

    Volcanic Skies: coupling explosive eruptions with atmospheric
    simulation to create consistent skyscapes
    Pretorius, Gain, Lastic, Cordonnier, Chen, Rohmer, Cani
    Eurographics 2024

    Fast GPU-Based Two-Way Continuous Collision Handling
    Wang, Chen, Li, Liu, Wang, Zhou
    ACM Transactions on Graphics (presented at SIGGRAPH 2023)
    Paper | Video

    Somigliana Coordinates: An Elasticity-derived Approach for
    Cage Deformation
    Chen, de Goes, Desbrun
    SIGGRAPH 2023 Conference Proceedings
                                        Paper(author’s version) | Code | Video | Slides

    Robust Pointset Denoising of Piecewise-Smooth Surfaces
    through Line Processes
    Wei, Chen, Rohmer, Memari, Desbrun
    Eurographics 2023
                                        Paper | Slides | Code

    3D Mesh Cutting for High Quality Atlas Packing
    Wang, Chen, Gao, Bao, Huang
    Computer Aided Geometric Design, 2022

    Go Green: General Regularized Green’s Functions for Elasticity
    Chen, Desbrun
    SIGGRAPH 2022 Conference Proceedings
    Paper(author’s version) | Code | Slides | Mathematica

    Multiscale Cholesky Preconditioning for Ill-conditioned Problems
    Chen, Schaefer, Huang, Desbrun
    SIGGRAPH 2021
    Paper | Code | Slides

    Cosserat Rod with rh-Adaptive Discretization
    Wen, Chen, Umetani, Bao, Huang
    Pacific Graphics 2020
    Paper | Slides | Video

    Material-adapted Refinable Basis Functions for Elasticity Simulation
    Chen, Budninskiy, Owhadi, Bao, Huang, Desbrun
    Paper | Code | Slides | Video

    Numerical Coarsening using Discontinuous Shape Functions
    Chen, Bao, Wang, Desbrun, Huang
    SIGGRAPH 2018
    Paper | Slides | Video

    Cloth Compression using Local Cylindrical Coordinates
    Chen, Zheng, Song, Sun, Bao, Huang
    CGI 2017
    Paper | Slides | Video

Research visits

CSE, Mar 2016-May 2016

CMS, Nov 2018-Mar 2019